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Favorite dishes

Ultimate Burgers

Our burger selection comprises veggie, cheddar, buffalo poultry, chicken tender, grilled chicken, turkey, American, catfish, and tilapia fish burgers.

Premium Salads

Grilled Subs

Our grilled sub alternatives encompass grilled chicken, buffalo chicken (spicy), catfish, tilapia fish, and grilled shrimp.

Buffalo Wings

Served with celery and dressing per 10 pc wings


Some Things Happy Customers Have Said

Candece Singleton

They have over 30 flavors of wings! I am especially in love with their fish plate combo. I got 3pc fried tilapia with a side and drink for 13.99! All their fish can be grilled if you prefer that too. They have a lot of sides to choose from too. Their lamb gyro is wonderful as well. The lamb was so tender and flavorful. The restaurant was clean and the customer service is great.

Chrissy Givens

Grabbed the wing combo for lunch. The absolute best wings in Raleigh. My co-worker tried and is hooked as well. Great customer service as well. Unfortunately I had to witness a customer giving them attitude over cheese fries that was called in @ 2.22pm and she was mad they wasn’t ready @ 2:28. Like give them a break. I’ll back back real soon

Jairo Roldán Piedrahita

Their wings are great and at a reasonable price. They're a pretty good size and have a variety of interesting sauces. They also have some other sauces to go with the fries apart from just ketchup which are tasty as well. The place is decent if you want to dine in.